How to Pass Through Stake VIP Levels

Stake Casino is not an average casino site out there. It is definitely different from anything you’ve seen and tried so far. Even its VIP program is not what you expect. If you want to learn more about it and how to level up for bigger rewards, read this article till the end.

Five Stake VIP Levels

Generally, there are only five levels at the VIP Club of Stake Casino. These include Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Diamond levels. But the Platinum level has 6 sub-levels which complicates the task to reach the top.

To get on each Stake level, you need to wager a total of a certain sum:

Bronze Level — $10,000
Silver Level — $50,000
Gold Level — $100,000
1 Platinum Level — $250,000
2 Platinum Level — $500,000
3 Platinum Level — $1,000,000
4 Platinum Level — $2,500,000
5 Platinum Level — $5,000,000
6 Platinum Level — $10,000,000
Diamond Level — $25,000,000

The task may not seem too difficult for a player if you are ready to make such funds. But even so, you don’t have a 100% chance to get into the VIP club.

To join Stake VIP, you must be active on the site. It involves not only playing games and betting on sports (though it’s major) but also taking part in different competitions and promotions.

In fact, Stake casino players are advised to play regularly. Plus, if you place big wagers, you will certainly be noticed by the casino team. And this is very important because if you stand out from the crowd, you’ll get your invitation to Stake VIP Levels.

What rewards can you expect?

As we said, Stake Casino is not an average site, so be ready to receive really exclusive service. There are different types of rewards you can get as a Stake VIP player:

  • Unlimited reload bonus without wagering requirements. It sounds unreal but at Skate Casino, you can claim a reload bonus every day and every hour. The amount of bonus depends on your wagers over the last week. No wagering requirements are attached.
  • Big level-up bonuses. Every time you reach a new level, you get a monetary reward. It can grow to over $25,000 in some cases. So be active and reach new levels!
  • Rakeback. It’s almost like a cashback that you receive every 30 minutes. The percentage depends on your previous wagers.
  • Weekly Boost. This is a bonus you receive every Saturday. And its amount depends on your level and how much you wagered during the last week.
  • Monthly bonuses come to your email on a random day and at a random time.

You can’t deny that Stake VIP rewards are not something you’ve experienced before. Besides, the higher your VIP level, the bigger each reward. Thus, Bronze level rewards are the smallest, while the Diamond level rewards are the biggest. So make sure to be active on the site, reach the wagering limits, and get the best rewards in the online casino world.