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Playing Card Games Might Help Prevent Loss Of Memory

Will be there a correlation between taking part in mind stimulating activities like puzzle solving, card games, studying, etc. and decreased chance of loss of memory later in life? That is what current studies are attempting to establish.

On study conducted by New York’s Albert Einstein College of drugs the research adopted nearly 500 seniors from ages 75 to 85. No participants endured from loss of memory or dementia once the study started. However, throughout the research approximately 100 were identified as having dementia.

What exactly was the main difference between individuals who developed dementia and individuals who did not?

The research tracked how frequently the seniors took part in hobbies along with other activities for example studying, writing, solving puzzles, having fun with either board or card games and playing music. They then compared the amount of regular activities towards the age where loss of memory started to accelerate more quickly and surprisingly they discovered that for every additional activity each week the individual took part in the greater delayed the start of loss of memory was in comparison with individuals who did not participate.

Another study help with through the Mayo Clinic involved seniors between 70-89. This research incorporated individuals with no memory problems in addition to individuals with mild cognitive impairment or diagnosed loss of memory. Both categories of participants the taken care of immediately questions regarding their routine and activities during the period of the this past year in addition to what interests they went after once they were between 50 to 65 years of age.

The outcomes from the study figured that individuals who later in life performed games, read, took part in crafts, or computer activities had 30 – 50% reduction in their chance of developing loss of memory as individuals who did not. The research discovered that during old age, studying books, taking part in computer activities and doing craft activities for example pottery or quilting, or joining a normal poker or blackjack game brought to some 30-50 percent reduction in the chance of developing loss of memory when compared with individuals who didn’t do individuals activities.